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Welcome to Magical Art! This site (maintained by swammi) is an illustation site featuring original and fanart from videogames (Zelda, Grandia, Touch Detective, Professor Layton...).
Please feel free to contact me at swammi☆gmail.com(☆→@) in regards to this site, my art, or commission work. (日本語でメールを送ることができます。)

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Site: Magical Art
URL: http://magical-art.com/
Owner: swammi (スワーミ)


The gallery has been updated with the rest of 2013's artwork!
The gallery has been updated with artwork from 2013~
The company I work for has launched a kickstarter for their original IP! I'll be doing some character designs for it so if you could check it out that would be wonderful! Thank you!

All artwork, unless otherwise noted, is copyright © Kristen George (swammi). The characters portrayed in said artwork are copyright © their respective creators. Please do not take any artwork from this site without permission. Thank you!