About – Kristen George (kdpeko)

Accomplished 2D Artist with professional video game development experience and helped launch over 10 titles. Many tasks performed while working include creating concept art, illustrations, storyboards, character art, 2d assets, and animation cleanup. Specializes in a cute Cartoon / Anime style.

Game Credits:


2D Artist; freelance

WayForward Technologies
Valencia, CA (Remote) · Sept 2018 – Jan 2020

● Worked on character designs, 2D character models for Spine animation files, and other various tasks.
● Shipped title Shantae and the Seven Sirens
● Extra work included biz dev assignments and random art related tasks for miscellaneous published titles.

2D Artist

WayForward Technologies
Valencia, CA · July 2012 – Oct 2015

● Worked on character designs, animation cleanup, in-between frames for animation, storyboarding for cinematic works, 2D models for Spine animation files, and concept art for early stage development.

2D Artist; freelance

Tic Toc Games
Remote Freelance · August 2014

● Created original and promotional artwork for Kickstarter game “Adventures of Pip.”

Shantae Series

Worked as a main artist who created character concepts, 2D character models for Spine 2D animation, UI assets and misc art.

WayForward Tech

Worked on multiple titles doing 2D assets, animation clean-up, concept art, pixel backgrounds, and promotional art.

Personal Projects

A collection of character concepts, rough animations, illustrations, and other random 2D art pieces created in my free time.